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Learning to drive is a big milestone for most people, it gives you independence, freedom and even greater job opportunities. So you need an instructor who is going to put you first.

It’s quite normal to be nervous/apprehensive, after all this is a new experience and you don’t know me.

Don’t worry apart from teaching you to drive it is my job to make sure you are safe, I don’t shout or loose my temper just because you made a mistake & what would be the point! And after all you are learning and are bound to make mistakes along the way.

Reliability is vitally important, when you book lessons you take time out of what can be a busy day, I will be on time (Traffic and weather permitting). It is quite normal for me to arrive a little early, but if your not ready don’t worry I will wait.

Driving lessons are a minimum of one and a half hours, however most pupils find that they want longer lessons, so most take two hour lessons. By taking two hour lessons they learn faster and reduce the number of lessons taken to pass their practical driving test and therefore the cost.

I do offer longer lessons if required.