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TopDog Driving School is owned by Steve Hall who is a fully qualified driving instructor with more than 30 years experience  and is registered with the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency) as well as Fleet Trainer and Pass Plus registered

TopDog Driving School opened in early 2006 offering top quality driving instruction. Prior to this I spent over 15 years working for one of the largest public transport providers in the UK where I taught professional drivers to drive buses and coaches and well as working on projects to improve training strategies both locally and nationally.

During my career as a Driving Instructor I have taught 1000’s of people to drive cars, buses and coaches, formulating training strategies on both an individual basis and nationally within the company I was working for. Specializing in fast pass courses, driving assessments (I am a qualified Assessor), refresher courses, advanced driving courses, Pass Plus etc.

I aim to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience at a competitive cost, I do not claim to be the cheapest but I am successful and while you may have to pay a little more per hour for me I will provide you with quality training which should enable you to achieve your goal in a shorter time than a lot of other companies therefore costing you less and achieving your goal quicker.

When choosing an Driving Instructor please ensure your Instructor is Fully Qualified (not all of them are) some are trainee instructors and can be recognised due to the red/pink badges they display. A Green badge shows you they are Fully Qualified.

If your paying for Professional Lessons make sure you get a Professional Instructor